How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking

How To Secure Your Facebook Account From HackingFacebook Hacking and scams are growing more and more nowadays and many accounts getting hacked every day, So we have to protect it from hackers and friends who are trying to hack our FB account. Making your Facebook account secure is not a difficult thing, You simply need to follow this easy steps here, and you’re safe.

Follow the steps below to make your Facebook account secure:

  • Use Strong Password For Your Account. At least 8-10 Characters Long And Mixed Of Uppercase, Lowercase, Symbols, And Numbers.
  • Never Use Your Mobile No. Or Routine Word as a Password.
  • Turn On Secure Browsing And Login Notifications From Facebook Security Settings. You Can Do That From Here:

Phishing is most used Facebook hacking method used by peoples nowadays. To protect yourself from phishing sites Follow the below steps:

  • Never Enter Your Password Anywhere Else Except Facebook.
  • Use WOT Extension To Your Browser. This Extension Will Indicate Red Sign When You Visits Scam, Phishing Or Unsafe Site.
One another hacking trick used by many peoples are social engineering through email. They send you an email with a fake email address that’s similar to Facebook or facebook’s email address itself (It can be done by some scripts out on the web) and ask you for the password.
  • To Protect Yourself From This Type of Hack, Never Respond To such Mails.
The Other one is hacking by keyloggers. The keyloggers are a program, From which hackers can generate a file which they send to victim’s PC and the file steal password from keystrokes And send it to the hacker.
  • To Protect From This, You Should Install Some Good Anti-Virus Or Anti-Malware Programs To Your Pc. We recommended

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