Fix : Redirected Status on Fetch as Google – Google Webmasters

If you have a website, you definitely should be using Google Webmasters tools to connect your site with biggest search engine there is. And if you are not using Google Webmasters, you should start using it right now. Google Webmasters tools are essentials for Google crawlers to find your content and optimize your site for indexing and search rankings.

Some days back, I was using Fetch as Google, and one of my sites came up with status Redirected. Google consider that as 301 redirect. It’s not a huge issue, but sometimes these little things can be difficult to find the solution.

Fix : Redirected Status on Fetch as Google - Google Webmasters

Now, Focusing on the issue at hand, It’s easy to solve this problem. Just add a slash (/) at the end of URL and add it to Google webmasters, Then fetch as Google and your issue should¬†be resolved.

It seems like Google problem and they need to fix it as a URL with or without slash should be treated equally to avoid problems that make webmasters wasting their time with issues that don’t exist.

If you still having the Redirected error even after adding a slash, Check the detailed information by clicking the link on Google webmasters, Your domain might be redirecting somewhere, You should fix that.

If you are having any other issues with Google Webmasters tools, You can contact us or add a comment below. We’ll help you resolve it!

4 thoughts on “Fix : Redirected Status on Fetch as Google – Google Webmasters”

  1. I’m having the exact issue you describe above on a blog that has been idle for over a year and I’m now trying to get back into view. I have analytics and Webmaster tools and am getting the redirect on every page I try to Fetch or Fetch and Render. When you say, “Just add slash (/) at the end of url and add it to Google webmasters,” are you talking about when I do the Fetch or do I need to add to Webmaster tools somehow? Right now when I go into the site settings in Webmaster tools I see this message: Preferred domain: Restricted to root level domains only. Does this mean I can’t change it or do I need to add a new site somewhere or what. TIA for any help.

    • Hello,

      If you are getting “Restricted to root level domains only” error, It’s because you are using blogger’s blogspot domain. I think you cannot add blogspot domains to Google webmasters. You need custom, Your own domain to add to google webmasters.

      Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

  2. Hi,

    I have changed the URL name of the services page in my website. I submitted the new url in google webmaster tool to fetch, its showing redirected status. My website is new so I did not use 301 redirect. Please help!

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