Best Android Phones 2018: Which Should You Buy?

Are you looking for the best android phone to buy? You are in the right place.

In this write-up, we have compiled the top android powered phones so that we can help you select the best android phone in the market today.

The big names in the phone industry include companies like Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Motorola, Google to mention just but a few.

All these phones differ from each other in terms of screen size, software features, processor power and design.

All these things make it difficult to find the best android phone.

To help you get the best android phone that suits you, we have compiled a number of best android phones available in the market today.

We have rated the phones based on their hardware performance, software features, OS performance and of course their aesthetic value and how it will enhance your social status.

So, below is a list of the best android phones that you can buy today.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was released in March 2018 and it has taken the top spot as the best android phone this year. It takes the top spot due to its amazing display, incredible design and some great software features that are packed in the phone.

This 6.2-inch phone comes packed with all the features that have made Samsung phones stand out over the years. The following are some of the salient features that make Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the best phone thus far:

  1. Top range hardware system
  2. User-friendly android software
  3. It has a dual camera at the back. The cameras enhance low –light photography which increases the picture quality. The rear camera is 12 MP while the front camera is 8 MP.
  4. Fingerprint scanner
  5. 960 fps slow-motion video recorder
  6. It is powered by Android 8
  7. It comes with a 6 GB RAM
  8. It has a storage space of 64 GB/128 GB.
  9. Its battery is 3,500 mAh
  10. It comes with loud stereo speakers

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

  • Its battery is not long lasting

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1

This is one of the best cheap android phones available in the market now. It has a sturdy hardware but has a wonderful performance. The Nokia 6.1 has an amazing chassis, a good camera and a processor that is amazingly fast.

One of the outstanding features of Nokia 6.1 is that besides the Google Pixel 3, it gets its updates directly from Google. The following are of the key features that make it unique:

  1. It has a user-friendly android system. Its Android system is updated 6 – 24 months before any other phone in the market does.
  2. It receives monthly security from Google
  3. It has a good camera
  4. Its processor is very fast

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

This is among the highest spec phones available in the market today. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was released in August this year. It comes with a large screen and an iconic S pen stylus which you can slide into the side of the body of the phone for safe keeping.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has a huge array of functions which most of the phones lack. But what makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to perform almost anything that you need. If you are a power user, this phone is ideal for you.

The following are the Samsung Galaxy Note9’s salient features:

  1. It comes with an improved S pen for note-taking. The S pen is Bluetooth connected for controlling customizable remote controlled shortcuts.
  2. It is powered by Android 8.1
  3. It has a screen size of 6.4 inches and a resolution of 1440 x 2960. This is bigger than its Note8 counterpart which had a screen size of 6.2”.
  4. It comes with a RAM 6/8 GB
  5. It has a storage capacity of either 128 or 512 GB. However, the storage can be expanded to 1 TB with a memory card.
  6. It has a superb camera. Its rear camera is 12 MP while the front camera is 8 MP. It captures the best quality photos on a Samsung phone. The cameras are made using the dual-aperture technology. In addition to taking high-quality pictures, it can also record super slow Mo videos.
  7. It also comes with an impressive AR Emoji mode. It has better avatar customization.
  8. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has an exclusive flaw detection and automatic scene optimizer features. These features help to enhance the quality of your photos.
  9. Its battery is 4,000 mAh. This is a better battery that lasts for long.
  10. It is the first Note phone to have stereo speakers
  11. The S pen is Bluetooth connected. It can be used to activate numerous customizable shortcuts on the phone remotely
  12. The S pen charges quickly when it is embedded on the phone.
  13. You can use the S pen for note taking even when it is not charged.
  14. The S pen can take photos remotely even when its 30 feet away from the phone.
  15. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes with a screen-off memo feature. When you take the S Pen out of the phone, the screen-off memo appears which enables you to write notes without unlocking the phone to look for the specific app. This makes note taking easy and quick.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Note9

  • It is not comfortable to hold because it is large
  • It requires upgrades

Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Are you looking for the best camera phone? Look no further. Google Pixel 3/3 XL is the best camera phone in the market now. It has a single camera at the back but it is superior in its quality so far.

On top of that, it has a long lasting battery, a big screen display beside other key features which makes the Google Pixel 3/3 XL an all-around phone.

It hit the market in November this year and the following are the key features which makes it the best Smartphone in the market today.

  1. It has a super high-quality camera. It has one rear camera that is 12.2 MP. It also has 2 front cameras of 8 MP each for selfie-taking. The cameras are color rich which makes the photos unbelievably clear for a Smartphone.
  2. It also comes with 2 front facing speakers.
  3. It has a RAM of 4 GB
  4. It comes with a 6.3 inches OLED screen
  5. Its battery is 3430 mAh.
  6. The front screen is made of Corning Gorilla glass which is 5 times stronger than the ordinary glass.
  7. The front and the back pieces are joined using an aluminum frame. This is the only metal feature in the whole phone.
  8. Both the front and the back is made of glass. This has more advantages as compared to metal. i.e. it allows the LTE signal to travel faster and it also allows for wireless charging.
  9. It has a flat rear fingerprint scanner
  10. The Google Pixel 3/3 XL has smooth edges. All the corners have been flattened and rounded off to enhance its general outlook.
  11. It has an active edge. You can squeeze the edges of the phone to trigger Google assistance. This is way better than an AI button.
  12. It lacks the headphone jack. You can connect the headphones using the Bluetooth connection.
  13. The phones are available in 64 and 128 GB storage capacity. Therefore, the Google Pixel 3/3 XL does not have a microSD card slot.
  14. The Google Pixel 3/3 XL is available in three major colors to choose from. They are black, pink and white.
  15. It has a user-friendly software system.
  16. It uses the android 9

Cons of Google Pixel 3/3 XL

  • It lacks the headphone jack

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T was released in November 2018. And thus far, it is the best flagship Android phone in the market that you can pay for less.

You will enjoy a big screen, an on-screen fingerprint scanner and 2 rear cameras all in one phone. It is also good looking which competes with other big names in the market. This makes it one of the best phones that you can purchase from the market today.

The following are some of the key features available in the OnePlus 6T phone.

  1. It uses the android 9
  2. It has a screen size of 6.41”
  3. It comes with a RAM of 6/8 GB
  4. It has a storage capacity of 128/256 GB
  5. Its battery is 3,700 mAh. It can stay the whole day without charging
  6. It has a dual rear camera of 20 MP and 16 MP and a single front camera of 16 MP
  7. It is affordable
  8. It comes in 2 colors to choose from i.e. mirror black and midnight black. However, more colors are expected to be introduced soon
  9. It has dimensions of 8.2 x 157.5 x 74.8 mm. these are not very big dimensions hence the phone is comfortable to hold with one hand. The rear of the phone has only the camera and a small flash below them. This makes it comfortable to hold.
  10. It has an on-screen fingerprint scanner. The scanner is found on the front screen making it easy to access and it does not take any space. In addition to that, it makes it safer, fast and user-friendly.
  11. It does not have the headphone jack hence the headphones are connected via Bluetooth l. The body is made of glass both at the back and at the front
  12. It has a power button on the right side of the phone. And on the left side of the phone is the volume button. At the bottom of the phone, there are two stereo speakers and USB- C port.

Cons of OnePlus 6T

  • It lacks the physical headphone jack. There are some users that prefer inserting the physical headphone to the phone instead of using the Bluetooth
  • Its display is mostly in the HD format.

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 is a great android phone at a small budget. It has an amazing hardware and great user-friendly features. It can offer you a good performance for basic features. It has a good display screen quality and a compact design.

The following are some of its key features:

  1. It has a 2 GB RAM
  2. It uses the android 1 software
  3. It has a good battery which can last the whole day
  4. It has space for a microSD card to increase the storage capacity
  5. It has a screen display of 5.2 inches
  6. It has a 13 MP rear camera
  7. It comes with Bluetooth which can connect over a long distance
  8. It also has a headphone jack which you can use to play the FM radio

Cons of Nokia 3.1

  • It lacks the fingerprint sensor
  • It has a slow performance

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This is Huawei’s best android phone of all times. It comes with an amazing performance, slick design, an in-display fingerprint scanner among other power features. It was released in November 2018.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes with a 6.39-inch screen display. This is plenty of space if you are a gaming lover or for watching movies. Besides that, it has a QHD resolution to ensure that everything looks superb.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a full array of features which makes it one of the best android phones in the market today. The following are some of the key features that make it stand apart from the crowd:

  1. It has triple rear cameras. The cameras are 40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP. The front camera, on the other hand, is 24 MP. The cameras are low-light and therefore they can take night time pictures. It also the “zoom out” feature to enable you to capture even finer details on your object.
  2. It has an Android 9
  3. Its screen size is 6.39 inches. It is a little bigger than its P20 counterpart.
  4. It has a better resolution as compared to the Samsung note9.
  5. It has a kirin 980 processor.
  6. It comes with 2 SIM card slots. This allows you to use more than one SIM card functionality.
  7. Its RAM is 8 GB
  8. It comes with a storage capacity of 256 GB
  9. The battery is 4200 mAh which is capable of staying longer without charging
  10. It has an in-display fingerprint scanner. This feature makes it easy to unlock your phone even when its resting flat on a surface. It also has facial recognition features.
  11. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has the wireless charging ability. It can charge other electronic devices or other Qi-charging phones. This is a feature that sets it apart because so far, there’s no other phone that has this ability.
  12. It has a curved edge screen which improves its resolution.
  13. It has a super thin slick design. It is slightly bigger than most of the smartphones available in the market now. This makes it ideal for movie viewing and gaming. However, being bigger makes it difficult to use it with one hand. Its thin edges also make it difficult to swipe the screen while holding it with one hand.
  14. It comes in five different colors. The main colors available are black, pink, gold, cream and Huawei’s signature color fading blue to twilight purple.
  15. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes with the dust and water resistance.
  16. It uses Bluetooth headphones, therefore, it lacks the headphone jack.

Cons of Huawei Mate 20 Pro

  • It is expensive
  • Its UI requires refinement

Moto G6

Moto G6

Moto G6 is the best android for many people and it stands out from the crowd due to its modern design, excellent performance, and dual camera. Moto G6 is a perfect representative of Motorola’s dominance in the market over the years.

Some of the salient features that make Moto G6 stand out include the following:

  1. It comes with a big screen of 5.7 inches.
  2. Its battery lasts for long
  3. Its android is user-friendly and it performs surprisingly better
  4. It has dual 12 MP + 5 MP cameras and 16 MP front camera. The camera captures high-quality photos.
  5. It has a USB-C port
  6. It has the 3.5 mm headphone jack
  7. It comes with a fantastic software with lots of useful features
  8. It is affordable
  9. It comes with a Snapdragon 450 processor which is paired with a 3 GB RAM
  10. The Moto G6 has a standard storage capacity of 32 GB but if you wish you can expand it with the help of a microSD.
  11. It is made of glass with some ergonomic curves which give it a good appearance.

Cons of Moto G6

  • Sometimes the camera frustrates. It is slow.
  • Limited internal storage space

Honor 10

Honor 10

Honor 10 is a wonderful android flagship phone for 2018. It comes with a mixture of metal and glass design. It has an amazing hardware, an above average rear camera, a 5.84-inch screen display and a battery that can last the whole day.

Honor 10’s camera has the ability to automatically optimize its photo settings in order to capture the photo that you want. The automatic technology is a great plus for this phone.

The following are Honor 10’s salient features that make it one of the best android phones.

  1. It comes with a clear and bright display screen of 5.84 inches.
  2. It has a dual rear camera of 24 MP and 16 MP. It also has a 1.8 MP front camera. The camera has an additional nifty AI mode which helps to automatically adjust the photo capturing settings.
  3. It comes with a kirin 970 processor
  4. It also has a user-friendly android system
  5. It is a good value for money

Cons of Honor 10

  • It has a bloated EMUI android skin
  • Some of its functions bugs

LG V35 ThinQ

LG V35 ThinQ

The LG V35 ThinQ comes with the dust and waterproof and a beautiful QHD Dobly version which makes it one of the best android phones. It also has amazing audiophile speakers and a huge screen display.

The following are some of LG V35 ThinQ’s specifications that make it one of its kind:

  1. It has a screen display of 6.1 inches
  2. It uses an Octa processor
  3. It has dual rear cameras of 16 MP + 16 MP and a front camera of 8 MP.
  4. It has a user-friendly android 8.0 oreo OS system
  5. Its battery is 3000 mAh
  6. Its hardware is designed to withstand damage in case of a fall
  7. It can shoot HDR 10 video
  8. It has a fingerprint scanner
  9. Both the front and back is made of Gorilla Glass 5 making it have a discreet look.
  10. It uses the 6 GB RAM
  11. It has a storage capacity of 128 GB but if you wish you can expand it with a microSD card.

Cons of LG V35 ThinQ

  • The photo quality is not good in its auto mode
  • The software updates are problematic


Whether big or small, skinned or stock, chances are that there is an android phone that fits your needs.

However, the biggest challenge is: there are hundreds of options in the market today, how can you choose the right phone? Luckily, we have reviewed most of the smartphones for you.

Besides that, most of this year’s Android phones have been released already.

Most of the phones reviewed here are narrower and taller hence making them one hand user-friendly but with huge screens.

When considering the size of the phone you want to buy, look at the width of the screen and the phone.

The biggest screen in this write-up is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at 6.4 inches.

When comparing the android versions, the latest is the android 9.0 pie.

Currently, it only Google phones that are using it but most of the phones are using android 8.0 oreo.

It is not advisable to go for a phone with android 7 and below because they have security issues.

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