Beginners Guide: How to Upload Files to Your Server

So you have bought Hosting plan online for some reason but you don’t know how to upload your files to your hosting server. Don’t worry, We’ll show you step by step instructions on how to access your files on your Hosting account.

There are 2 most used ways to upload files to your server.

1. Upload files via File Manager in Cpanel

After you buy a Hosting plan with any Hosting provider, Go to and login with either your credentials from your Hosting site or one you got in your email for Cpanel login.

Now, After login to your Cpanel account, You’ll get all things you need to access your server. In Files Tab, Select File Manager and it’ll open a new window with your File Manager.

Beginners Guide: How to Upload Files to Your Server

There (In new Window), In left, Click public_html. Whatever files you upload there will be files uploaded to your main So this is the place where you have to upload files to access it from your main domain.

Beginners Guide: How to Upload Files to Your Server


2. Upload files via FTP client :

Uploading files via FTP is most used way to uploading files to server and most easy way too.

To use this method, You’ll have to install a FTP client to your computer. There are many FTP clients available today but one of the best FTP client is Filezilla. You can download Filezilla FTP client from here :

After downloading FTP client, Install it on your computer and open it. Now to upload or access your server’s files, you need to add your server FTP login details with Filezilla.

Click on Open the Site Manager icon at top left menu on Filezilla. It’ll open a window like this :

FileZilla Site Manager

Now, You’ll have to add your site’s login details to login and upload or access your files. The details to add :

Host : Generally your Site URL. But sometimes you may have to use your hosting provider’s URL or host URL provided by them.

Port : Generally 21. If it doesn’t work, Contact your Hosting provider and ask them.

Protocol : FTP

Encryption : Use plain FTP

Logon type : Normal

Now, For Username and Password details, You can either use your username and password you use to login to your Cpanel or you can go to your Cpanel -> FTP accounts and create a new FTP account.

After you add username and password, Click connect and you’ll be connected to your server. Then Go to Public_html and this will be the place to upload your files and it’ll reflect on your main site domain.

If you are having any problems with either of these methods, Shoot a comment below and we’ll help you resolve it.

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